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Young persons charged with criminal offences are dealt with under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. This Act sets out unique procedures and consequences that are only applicable to young people facing criminal charges.


The Youth Criminal Justice Act provides enhanced procedural protections and limits on punishment to account for the fact that young persons are less morally blameworthy than adults who commit the same offences. The Act also emphasizes the need to rehabilitate and reintegrate young persons facing criminal charges with their families and the community at large.


At Sprake & Co., we have extensive experience in dealing with youth matters under the YCJA, and recognize the impact that criminal charges can have on a young person’s life and future. We strive to achieve timely and effective results in order reduce the burden that our clients and their families carry as a result of criminal charges. We endeavour to resolve youth matters out of court in a timely manner, in an effort to avoid exposure to the criminal justice system. Our approach seeks to allow our young clients to connect and reintegrate with the community, and to create a path conducive to rehabilitation and success.

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