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Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, he received his Bachelor of Arts [honors] from the University of Western Ontario and his Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Alberta. Mike was called to the Alberta bar in 1994.


Mike commenced his practice with the Attorney General of Alberta gaining extensive experience with all major criminal prosecutions including homicides, armed robberies, motor vehicle fatalities, sexual assaults, aggravated assaults and many other offences under the criminal code and provincial legislation.


In September 2001, Mike built on this foundation with Davidson Gregory Danyluik where he was a partner for 15 years and the Responsible Lawyer for the firm to the Law Society of Alberta. Through his intensive criminal trial practice he has successfully defended clients charged with murder, robbery, sexual assault, fraud, major narcotics trafficking, criminal fatalities, proceeds, breach of trust and all manner of serious and complex offences. His trial work has led to significant precedent being set in both the Alberta Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada involving Right to Counsel and excluding use of legislative and contractually compelled statements. Challenging the admissibility of evidence for Breaches of a Clients rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms continues to be a focus in his practice. Additionally, Mike continues to provide representation and advice to members of professional associations including police who are either under investigation for or are charged with administrative or criminal offences.


As an extension of his practice Mike continues to be involved in the legal community both through continuing education and volunteer work. From 2005-2011, he was a member of the Edmonton Regional Legal Aid Committee which reviews appeals from persons denied coverage for all categories of legal services serving as Chair from 2008-2011. He then moved on to the Northern Appeals Committee for 3 years which represented the highest level of Appeal or request for provision of legal services for individuals or special coverage and disbursements to counsel. In addition to his committee work, Mike routinely hosts law school students for Job Shadowing program and participates in the career fair at the University of Alberta law school. He has been both a principal and a mentor for articling students and young lawyers and continues to provide advice and opinions for other counsel with respect to criminal and administrative matters. He has both lectured at, and continues to attend and participate in legal, forensic science, forensic psychology and advocacy related conferences and seminars.


Mike recognizes that when persons are charged with or even investigated for Criminal offences they may incur personal, professional and financial stress which often extends to their close family and friends. In many cases the process itself is foreign to the client and at the very least raises many questions. As a result, the foundation of the relationship Mike has with each client is built on providing them an understanding of the case against them, the law which applies, defenses which may exist, how the case may and should be handled, the costs involved and expected outcomes. In each instance, whether the matter is litigated or resolved it is conducted with attention, diligence, industry, integrity and expertise.

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