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A sexual assault occurs where an individual applies force of a sexual nature to another person without their consent. This can include a wide range of conduct, from minor touching to major sexual assault, and the consequences vary accordingly. 

In Alberta, the starting point sentence for a major sexual assault is three years imprisonment.²

Furthermore, the Court may impose additional orders that could impact your liberty and personal life in unanticipated ways. For example, under SOIRA, you may be required to submit your personal information to the sex offender registry. You may also be required to submit your DNA to a national database. 

At Sprake & Co., we understand that in today’s climate of social justice, given the impact of movements such as Me Too, it often seems that these charges are tried before ever entering a courtroom. Beyond the stigma and negative social impact that these charges can create, the sanctions associated with a criminal conviction of this nature can be significant. At Sprake & Co, we take great pride in managing these crises, and minimizing the damage that these charges can have in both the personal and professional sphere. 



      ² R v Arcand, 2010 ABCA 363 at para 169

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